UPDATE 2/27/17

UPDATE 2/27/17


After the second full week of fundraising we are at 30% of the goal!

I am astounded and humbled by the generosity of this network of people.  This site has been visited from people in 21 different countries and I have collected 33 separate donations. I feel a little like Bernie spouting these stats but the support from this effort is incredible!  Not one day has passed without a donation and I am confident we will be able to meet the goal of $2000.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far.  Please share the site and encourage contributions.  I’ve gotten a lot of responses from people that they did not know I was trans until this fundraiser and I am recognizing how valuable this is as a visibility tool as well. Trans people are an important part of community and oftentimes our presence is unknown.  As a thank you for reading this scroll down for another cute picture of me as a kid. How could anyone ever have doubted? Haircuts speak louder than words…


In Maine we get really excited about roadkill.



Transition Fundraiser Update! 2/20/17

Wow! In the first week of fundraising we have raised roughly 10% of the goal!  I found this cool visual of a thermometer to show how well the fundraiser is going.  Thank You to everyone who has donated so far! 90% to go! See below for another pic of me as a kid.  This whole boy thing was pretty undeniable….



The Day I Got My Hair Cut Short, Age 6

“Grandma, who’s that little boy you brought home?” – Cora, my oldest sister

(notice the pet frog on my shoulder?)



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